What Is Distance Spiritual Direction ?


A typical session will consist of a phone or

online session with the Director to

discuss what has gone one in the person’s life during the past month. 

Together we process this and anything else the Directee wishes to discuss.  All sessions are totally confidential and secure. 

No one except the Director and Directee can access the information shared online or by phone. 


Spiritual Direction online with

Skype, Ichat, Google talk or ooVoo offers the

convenience of receiving

spiritual support

regardless of physical location. 

While there is no doubt that

meetings in person are best,

that is not always possible

because of a number of circumstances

beyond our control. 

For instance,

often in small towns

there are no Spiritual Directors available, and in

large cities, traffic, travel times, and distances

are (can be) real challenges for people. 

As well as traveling at  night after work. 

Not only that,

but with a Web camera it’s

like being right in the room

with your Spiritual Director

So why spend a lot of unnecessary time on the road?


oYou can talk to the Director from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office

oNo travel time and cost, and no traffic to contend with

oThe Director is a neutral, objective, totally safe person to talk to

oYou can choose from many different formats: phone, the internet via Skype, IChat, Google Talk , ooVoo and others

oThere are no phone charges

Phone Spiritual Direction is the easiest and most common option.  The Spiritual Director will phone you  ... I have a special phone plan so you don’t have to pay any phone charges.

Internet Spiritual Direction with Skype software and a Webcam is the best option, but it takes a bit of money and some technical know-how on your part to get started. 

However, once you are set up, you can see and talk to anyone anywhere in the world for free!  All this requires is purchasing a web camera (usually $20-$50) at any technology store (or ordering one online), or you may be able to use your digital camera as a webcam.  For those of you who have a newer computer…there may be a built in camera right there.

Then you just download the free Skype software from   www.skype.com/help/guides/howtoskype. Of course you can also call and see all your friends and relatives for free if they have downloaded the software and have a webcam too! Millions of people are starting to do this because it is the end of costly long distance phoning!

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